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The Eight Rules Of Proper Fangirling
(D Lowe)
By the clever and witty andsoitbegins

1. Thou shalt obsessively count the days, hours and minutes until an episode of a previously established show airs. One shall not take any bathroom breaks except at commercial and shall not allow anything else to interrupt. Life matters not. Fandom IS life.

2. Upon completion of episode, one shall allow approx 2 minutes after closing credits for toilet and a stretch before turning on PC. In fact, if you are a TRUE fangirl, the PC should have been on the whole time in case you needed to run onto a posting board to type, for example, "OMFG!!!111!! looks so friggigiging hawt!1! I want 2 do him!!11!!!111 This iz da best show evar!!1!" At this point, you should be on a message board. If you are not registered with at least three, you are a poor excuse for a fangirl and should be shot. Your screen-name should pertain to your show in a way that is not obvious and takes clever people to figure it out. You should then post. Lots.

3. You should have opinions. This is a given, but many people mistake just posting a load of pish as the makings of a true fangirl. No. Pitiful fools. Your opinions should be structured and well thought out. You should be prepared to die for them. And willing to kill those who disagree. Mwa ha ha ha. Seriously though, be respectful. You KNOW you're always right, everyone else will soon understand this. Post often, but post well. Permitted fangirl words - 'OMFG', '!!!111!!!', 'HAWT' etc.

4. You should NOT have a healthy well-rounded respect for your show. This is what normal people have. You are not normal. You should have a lust/sexual addiction to one character. Your desktop wallpaper should represent this. Even your avatar. Everything this character does is wonderful and merits a thirteen paragraph post. You can even cheer when one writer writes an episode; you know they write very well, but all focus must be on one character. Having t-shirts of this person is preferrable, but any sign of devotion shows you are well on your way. Some kind of 'squeeing' noise is permissable.

'Squee' (verb) - The noise emitted by fangirl (see 'obsessive compulsive', 'psycho') at the moment of visual orgasm.

5. For this character, you must have something called a 'ship'. A ship is the pairing with another character. This, naturally, means you must overlook your own sexual desire for the character and admit that they need love from their celluloid counterparts. These can be as nonsensical as you need; YOU see the character, and if they need a little gay love, then so be it. These can be either canon or fanon. If you do not know what these words mean, please leave.

6. Ties into the above. If you have a good and true fandom (and, of COURSE you do) then there will be other like-minded psychos out there who want to deconstruct every single second and wub the character too. These people will write something you will come to know well; fanfiction. Fanfiction is the fangirl crack. This allows stuff that would never happen in the show to happen. They feature a lot of weird shit and, because you are all perverts (or should be) they will be smutty. You will read these. You will have a folder on your harddrive for them, subdivided into catagories. In fact, you will write it, because you want your character to be happy. If you are of the And So It Begins school of Fangirl, it will be brilliant fanfiction, because you want to show the rest of the fandom that you are the bestest.

7. Merchandise. You will buy lots of it. You will have the DVDs, CDs, t-shirts, books, mugs, mouse mats, 12" opposable action figures, and every single magazine article/media clip you can locate. You will watch every talk show anyone appears on. You will, in fact, spend more money than is EVER sensible reaffirming your faith. You know how normal people have church? You have the Internet. And collectables. These show you that you rock and love your show. In fact, anything obscure kicks ass. eBay is you best friend.

8. Life in general. Naming children, pets and objects after characters is great. Quoting your show is excellent, and makes your conversation sound really clever to non-believers. Dressing up, and living key life moments with your character may seem a tad strange, but, then, you're the best. You are connected through the pretty box on the corner.

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